Tick Awareness Month


Tick awareness month


Now that spring is finally here, we must remember that parasites like the warmer weather too!




Tick removal


We have already removed several ticks from dogs entering our practice in the last week.



Tick abroad home

Due to an increasing population of animals either traveling around Europe or being imported from Europe we are seeing a marked increased incidence of tick borne diseases.

We recently saw a dog with babesiosis after travelling in the south of France who presented with a very high temperature, lethargy and anaemia.  Diagnosis was achieved rapidly and referral was arranged for treatment to start immediately.   Thankfully this dog is now recovering well.



Tick borne diseases


It is vital to raise awareness of this potential danger as it is not just our pets that are at risk but also ourselves.  Tick borne disease such as Lyme’s disease, in humans has recently received a lot of media attention due to several celebrities coming forward and talking about their experience and how debilitating the illness is.




There are excellent products available  with a rapid onset of kill for both fleas and ticks which you can get from the practice.  Please phone or pop in to discuss the options available and help keep our pets and ourselves safe and healthy.











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